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best fps gaming mouse


Best Gaming Mouse 2018 – Updated 2018 15 Best Gaming Mouse Reviews and Buyers Guide 2018 Electronic Products Reviews e If you’re in search of a comprehensive source of information and facts about best gaming mouse, you have opened the right page. Below is an article about the best gaming mouse which contains general information and specific facts on different types of gaming mouse produced by different manufacturers. It will guide you on what to find at what price. Today’s technological…

best fps gaming mouse

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Best Gaming Mouse 2018 – Updated 2018

15 Best Gaming Mouse Reviews and Buyers Guide 2018

If you’re in search of a comprehensive source of information and facts about best gaming mouse, you have opened the right page. Below is an article about the best gaming mouse which contains general information and specific facts on different types of gaming mouse produced by different manufacturers. It will guide you on what to find at what price.

Today’s technological development has opened all doors for people ranging from juniors to seniors to express their suppressed desires. Gaming is a field that has received the reasonable notice with the passage of time. Taking the importance of gaming into account for this era’s gaming generations, it is no easy task for commercial companies to tailor suitable gaming devices – such as gaming mouse – specifically to meet all gamer’s demands, as statistics and reports suggest people of different age ranges have developed great liking for games. Technology, as a troubleshooter, has played a key and pivotal role in providing companies and their customers with their wants. Gaming devices are so as important as games, from a gamer’s perspective. That’s why there has been a keen competition among commercial companies. A best gaming mouse is a significant device which is a connector between two different worlds; the gamer’s world – in which he/she tries the hardest to picture the most pleasurable scenes in order to simulate the target world, which is the gaming world that is not our desired topic to discuss in our following text. Considering this key feature, companies manufacture the best of their products not to be lagged behind other companies. As a result of this cut-throat competition, the most advanced products are released.

There are some features shared among best gaming mouse which are discussed below:

DPI: There is a measurement unit which is an objective criterion to measure the quality of all gaming mouse, that is, DPI which is Dots per Inch. Movement is an important feature in all types of mouse, especially best gaming mouse this quality makes the difference between mouse fairly distinctive. What DPI actually does is measuring the distance and speed that the cursor displays on screen when it is used. To have a better understanding of the importance of DPI and example can clarify everything; and mouse with 1600 DPI is of more sensitivity than a mouse with 800 DPI. The sensitivity of a mouse will ease the trouble of gamer through making less effort to move the cursor on the screen of a monitor. Sensitivity can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Actually, it depends on the game, you wonder how?  It’s Crystal Clear; you need to know what the game is implying: Is it precision-oriented or speed-oriented? The value of sensitivity is a key factor that each game deals with it in its own way. Lower sensitivity is better suited for precision-oriented games while higher sensitivity is the nourishment for speed-oriented games. In other words, the higher the DPI, the more enjoyable the game. Of course it should also be considered that high DPI is good only to a determined level. At least the cursor on a high DPI won’t jump sideways on the screen to extend that the cursor on a low DPI does.

Material: Wood was the first material which was considered and put to use for producing the first mouse. Other components included in making the first mouse where a circuit board and scroll wheels to generate the required flexibility for the mouse to spin around, on the other hand today’s mouse have not seen such heavy components included in them. Optical engines and plastic shells are applied to make a modern mouse. You might wonder why Mouse? The first generation of mouse models prompted its inverter, Douglas Engelbart to call this significant device; mouse was attached with a cord in its back. A best gaming mouse has some more additional features such as buttons, customizable weight, greater sensitivity for more precision and quicker responses, at the time needed.

Mouse Look: Another best gaming mouse feature of a mouse is its view, technically speaking “Mouse Look”, this quality provides the gamer with the possibility of customizing the view of the camera to his/her own benefit. Another common synonym for a mouse look is FPS which stands for first person shooter. It was first created in a game called Marathon in 1994 less than 25 years ago according to the data gathered for thousands of Gamers, FPS is the most convenient view, because it provides the gamer with a three-dimensional field. As a gamer, I myself as the author of this article believe the same way. This type of look gives a genuine sense of reality as if it’s you who is in the wonder world of the game to get a more precise view; you are free to switch the position through buttons. All you need to do, is to get the hang of working with the mouse.

Gaming Grip-Style: Gaming grip is an important element in gaming mouse. There are mainly three types of gaming grip styles: 1.Palm Grip 2. Fingertip Grip, and 3. Claw Grip

These grips feature different uses, Each specifically designed for a certain purpose.

The first one, which is almost the most widespread and popular one, is palm grip in this grip, the gamer has a complete control over the mouse. This way the, the hand, holding the mouse, is in its most comfortable position. As gamers have reported, including me they get less tired playing with this position of the hand. This grip requires the gamer to rest the palm of his or her hand on the arched back of the mouth and to let his finger touch the buttons, such as position provides the gamer with the maximum potential for supporting contact points. Whatever mentioned was all related to its advantages this type of grip is suitable for games which require delicacy and accuracy to a great extent. When there is a necessity for fast responses, it is of less efficiency.

This second grip is the Claw-Grip, in this grip speaking of popularity pales in comparison to the Palm Grip. In contrast to the Palm-Grip, Claw-Grip leaves less contact points for the hand. This type is perfect for repeatedly back and forth rapid movements. Therefore it’s ideal for games which feature high-speed, as opposed to Palm Grip which is appropriate for precision-oriented games.

Finally comes the last type which is Fingertip-Grip as the name suggests, fingertips are the most active part of the hand. This group provides the least potential for contact points. Speaking of weight it is easier to hold because it is lighter than the other two types. Its most distinctive feature is speed. The purpose of this time is strengthening the potential for rapid movements like Claw-Grip, but Fingertip type, has even gone to extremes. Now you can infer that there is no mouse that can meet all demands. So we need to gather suitable information before making the right choice.

Considering all the given features, below we will bring you up-to-date on the most popular and cost-effective best gaming mouse which you can access in the market.

Each model will be described in detail including their related features.

Logitech G502 the Best Gaming MouseLogitech G502 – Best Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 – Best Gaming Mouse

According to the reported data and my own experience, as the provider of this article, the producer of this model has come up with a sophisticated design in which you will find comfort and intuitiveness. The big buttons provide the user with ease when required to give a fast response without looking at the mouse. Just imagine how incredible it is to respond on time without wasting a second. As an experiencer of it, I should say that you feel no weight on your hand. In other words, it doesn’t distract you from an on-time reaction.

A convenient scroll wheel is an important option for a mouse which is included in this model. The most important point to take into account here is that the scroll wheel of this model has seen improvement so that it can operate more smoothly and finger doesn’t get tired. This reform has been made in the wake of dissatisfaction that was received from gamers; it shows how sensitive the producer is toward his/her product and tries to produce a model that can meet the customer’s demand.

Weight is another important factor for gamers, gamers don’t like to feel the mouse heavy, and that’s why this model has designed the weight set in a manner so the user can adjust the heaviness of the mouse in line with the game.

As you see there is a wide range of unique advantages that have made this model matchless. There is also a negative point which makes it unsuitable for some gamers; this model might not be suitable for gamers with big hands.

Lighting is an element that can brighten or darken the user’s mood. It is unbelievable but this model has 16.8 million colors, gamers can customize their favorite color in accordance with the atmosphere and style; the lighting can be put to sleep when the system is not in use.

As you can see; its options are customizable and you select your favorite from among dozens of choices; there is also a disadvantage which needs to be considered; this model may not be perfect for gamers with big hands for Pal-Grip. You should be aware that if you have this model on your mind, you have made the choice given the five customizable DPI settings; 11 programmable buttons and convenient scroll and a glossy looking appearance of the mouse. Its variety implies of fresh feel.

It’s got a reasonable price contrary to its features.

It includes three different types based on its options.

You can find out the price to buy it online down here:

Razer Deathadder Elite - Best Gaming Mouse

Razer Deathadder Elite – Best Gaming Mouse

This mouse is one of the most popular best gaming mouse in the world. This mouse fits perfectly for hands with 19.5 cm, so it is the initial recommendation for big handed gamers using first-person shooter, to have a precise aim. The appearance of the shape is glamorous with green color on some parts. The mouse has a slant on the outer side that is a unique advantage to it when you want to lift it; although there have been complaint reports about the sharp edge at the end. The hump in the middle of the mouse makes an ideal choice for all Grip-Styles, especially for bigger hands. Despite this, the hump in the middle makes it a little unnatural and inconvenient for smaller hands, to reach the DPI button. There are some important specifications about this model that I’d rather share them with you; the button slope has been designed in a way so it is gradual. Other than the hump position which is in the middle; the width of the grip is 6.1 cm while the base is 11 cm long. Also, the height is 4.1 cm. The top is about 13 and the back is 6.9. Its weight is estimated at about 98 grams, but it’s not the exact weight. Depending on the cable it can way from 97 to 101grams; the weight distribution has been designed in harmony with the sensor, so it seems to be balanced.

The sound created following the pressing of buttons proves how quickly it pushes in and out. The scroll wheel on the mouse is big, so it is natural to make a little bit of a noise. The wheel is more appropriate for browsing if you are going to use the buttons one after another, don’t worry. The buttons are not in the way. The buttons actually have proved practical for all types of games tested on a hard and soft pads, Razer Deathadder Elite has proved successful. When you slam it up or down or even from side to side, it doesn’t lose track so it has a perfect sensor. When you shake it or tap it, it’s solid although it makes a sound but not problematic because of the button. In performance you can set the DPI from 100 to 16000 . In terms of brightness, perfect isn’t the word for it .

You can find out the price to buy it online down here:


Roccat Leader - Gaming Mouse

Roccat Leader – Gaming Mouse

This model features a top optical sensor and it’s perfect for first-person shooter. If you are looking for a big mouse, you have spotted the right one. It weighs at about 129 grams; the weight distribution is also balanced. The battery needs charging after 20 hours of playing and the indicator has been designed on the bottom left. On the top it feels comfortable and the sides create no difficulty when you want to pick it up. The button slope is gradual. It is suitably designed for all three Grip-Styles but it usually fits better for Claw and Palm Grips-Styles. This mouse is extremely suitable for small and medium-sized hands if you’re looking for a mouse to use for casual games; it fits the bill perfectly, though it’s not ideal for competitive games with first-person shooter. For measurements, the grip width is a little bit problematic to deal with, but it is estimated at about 6.4 centimeters. The button slope is gradual and the hump is arched backward. While it is 12.8 cm the height is measured at 4cm. for hand side it needs no aiming. It’s safe for Palm-Grip, it is suitable for hands between 17 and 19 cm; any bigger, and it might hit other buttons accidentally. For Claw-Grip it is somewhat between 17 and 21, for fingertip Grip-Style, over 19cm seems to be suitable. The buttons are designed to require a slight force and it’s good for big fingers. If you are a dreamer of sniper shooting you will gain a win by making this choice because it has proved perfect in zooming, so it has a lot to say in an optical sense.

You can find out the price to buy it online down here:


Logitech G903 - Best Gaming Mouse

Logitech G903 – Best Gaming Mouse

This model of Logitech is the pioneer in the recent generation of the best gaming mouse. Contrary to another gaming mouse these days, when you open the partition of Logitech G903, you’ll see quite a presentation. I say a presentation because words fail me to describe. Other gaming mice come wrapped in plastic shells, but this one has a different packaging. You should experience it. It’s a real hit. With the mouse comes an additional hardware plus a charger. The essential features of this model include an onboard DPI adjustment between 200 to 12000, accompanying with adjustable G-Keys. The good news is that it has got an ambidextrous design. With these valuable features and some more additional ones, it seems to be expensive. You can purchase it but you may look upon that as an expensive one but it’s worth all the features in addition to a connector and power play. Oh, I forgot to say its distinctive feature which is the light speed; at this rate, the actions happen in milliseconds, highly invisible. The sitting in customizable and you can tailor the mouse for your specific needs. Anyway, you are the owner; the new changes in setting can be saved onto the mouse as well as a computer. As mentioned earlier, the power play system is an important feature for this model. It allows you to charge your mouse wirelessly. It has a lot to display.

These features have made Logitech G903 a unique and expensive product. I think it’s really worth trying; this model is suitable for Pro-gamers, then if you are a Pro; why are you waiting,  just go for it and you can check the price to buy it online down here:


Razer Lancehead - Best Gaming Mouse

Razer Lancehead – Best Gaming Mouse

In this price, it can definitely step into its rivals shoes; it has a hard grey top surface at the sides, the linear maintenance is possible with rubber grips. At the back, is covered with glossy plastic, I’m not trying to be fanatical, but it’s perfect when your hand touches that. The illumination system is perfect. Lightening future consumes a lot of the battery within hours in other models, but this one is different. You can’t believe; it can last about 2 to 3 days with the illumination system on!!! If you turn it off then you can use for about one week. Like cell phones; if the battery reaches the threshold of 15% , there you can see a blinking red light on a scroll wheel; this mouse is ambidextrous; so it’s a good news for lefties because they have difficulty finding such an important feature in the product; which is to their benefit. For small hands, it’s all right to have it in Palm-Grip; but is suits Fingertip-Grip better. The buttons and scroll wheel are comfortable enough not to cause any delay in responding.

You can check the price to buy it online down here:


Havit HV-MS672 - Gaming Mouse

Havit HV-MS672 – Gaming Mouse 

This reasonably-priced mouse is suitable for every gamer, who is looking for a mouse with good features and a convenient gaming time and also spending a bit of money on that at the same time. Although, it is not comparable to Pro-gaming mouse ice but it’s good enough to meet the demands of a gamer including its good features. It’s four-level DPI shifting capability, 5 programmable keys, different lighting colors can easily give the sense of satisfaction for everyone. The weight is about 148 grams, it may seem a bit heavy but its ergonomic, beautiful and aggressive style and its seven breathing colors (you can’t program them, unfortunately) can be satisfactory.

You can check the price to buy it online down here:


Redragon M601 – Gaming Mouse

This best gaming mouse is a product of US, produced by a company which is into producing cheap computer peripherals. This product can be an economical purchase. It’s got an eighth level adjustable weight system for more convenience; it’s scroll wheel, left and right buttons are comfortable enough to get it appealed to it; including two extra programmable buttons, as well. Its cable is long enough to meet the demands of a gamer, the convenience that you face while using it is not comparable to its very cheap price.

You can check the price to buy it online down here:


Zelotes T90 Professional - Best Gaming Mouse

Zelotes T90 Professional – Best Gaming Mouse

Another offer to those users who are in search for a cheap and good performing mouse; is the Zelotes T90 Professional. It’s maximum range of DPI (9200) which is eye-catching for a mouse in the price level; including 7 programmable buttons and an aggressive and awesome look which is covered in a nice package; also it’s got a high-quality long wire an; solid plastic and shiny buttons; also its beautiful style (adjustable colors) in the dark; are of other good points of that, and another good point of it is the finger slots that are made to avoid exhaustion of fingers in order to rest them.

You can check the price to buy it online down here:

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